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Does your feature list look too big for your inhouse team to carry forward? Need a team to back you up in your growth and product optimisation? We've got that ready for you! Hire team Mokus per hour. We will allocate for you a crew that covers the different roles of a product team.

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What does 'a team hour' mean?

You have a whole team of specialised talent who are ready to take on any request, so when you block 50 team hours you can use the 50 of them with one team member or distribute them across whatever is your the business's requirement.

We'll also double-check your requirements and advise you on how your money could be utilised most efficiently to achieve your business goals.

What is the skill-set covered?

Everything you need to bring a fit for business, robust digital brand to market and much more besides.

Every member of the Mokus team has a unique set of skills which crossover into other disciplines but basically: digital branding, UI design, UX frontend development, backend development, infrastructure engineering and data science.

Why is it good?

Performing product optimisations or adding new features? You'll need a bunch of super talented individuals, who have the necessary skills, who know your business, and who can work as a team.

With Mokus Team as a Service you'll be hiring a team which works together day in day out. Giving you the agility of a big company setup without increasing your headcount.

What can I do with 40 hours/month?

You can design five pages and implement them or you can build a notification engine. Plenty of stuff. We ensure that your time is efficiently and smartly used.

What languages can your team do?

Technologically: Python, Scala, Erlang, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, ReactJS and more.Linguistically: English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, French, Romanian, Urdu, Hindi, Norwegian

What if I needed more people?

Mokus is constantly hiring training and lining up resources for our current clients at no-additional cost to then. This enables our clients to scale their businesses quickly and confidently.


Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Fully compliant to the highest, most advanced world standards, the code we deliver is rigourously stress-tested to ensure it's both rock-solid and scalable.

We're aligned

We're aligned

By starting each project with an immersive discovery phase we ensure that your website is seamlessly aligned to your business’s vision.

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Feel like chatting at 3am? No problem! A member of the Mokus team will always be available to answer your calls. All year round, any timezone.


True Transparency

With our real-time, collaborative dashboard view live updates of your project's progress and chat with members of the Mokus team.

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