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Performing market research may seem deceptively easy, Dan Ariely, one of the most established behavioral economics and psychology researchers in the world (ex MIT) has published many books and white papers on how making simple changes on the way you ask the question may result in dramatic significant changes in the results. Everything matters, the questions, their length, the context, the delivery channel, the accessibility, the language, the color of the font, the tone, the incentive, every single detail can either participate in augmenting meaningful results or completely deviating the research to a lalaland.

Mokus team over years of hard work and study have developed a framework of research that guarantees you the right results. We research the market landscape, identify personas and perform scientific sampling. Our team of delivery also ensure you deliver the survey to the right target within the correct context, while ensuring the survey is in a modern and enjoyable to use format via multiple techniques such as gamification and beyond. Our statistics team performs scientific sanity check and data cleansing to assure the outcome is relevant and accurate. The outcome will be delivered to you in beautiful understandable and marketable graphs and even upon request in a beautiful story telling infographic.

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