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Frequently Asked Questions

Mokus is a product agency, we help you build websites and apps that your customers love and want to recommend to their friends, by implementing the latest cutting edge tech at affordable cost.

A product is a delivery vehicle. No matter which format you deliver your service to your audience in, that format is your product. If you're delivering your service via a website, a mobile app, a facebook app, a connected device or any other sort of smart solution that's a digital product.

An audience is the people in your target market, the better we and you understand how they think, what they feel and what inspires them, the better we can deliver experiences that win their hearts and minds. Our behavioral analysis and data research team will help you achieve just that.

It depends on many factors. That said, before starting any project we create a clear and transparent time and cost roadmap from an agreed brief. So you can understand why it costs the proposed estimate and we can help you optimise your solution to work within your budget.

With technology we can deliver bespoke communication to every single user. For example we can automatically send a specific email to a visitor who has spent a certain amount of time checking out a specific range of products on your website after a day or two to show them further details on the features of this product range and urge them to buy.

First things first, our team of digital experience consultants will spend some time with you to find out your current business status, your business vision and KPIs and will work with you to design digital solutions that accelerate your growth, give you a competitive advantage while optimising your cost to market. Once the solution has been agreed upon, our team will work on getting the solution done at an unbeatable speed.

Mokus is hiring every single day, today we are 35 engineers, data analysts and designers distributed in different parts of the world. Distributed teams is today's form of work with the right communication infrastructure your team can achieve wonders as they're given the freedom of space and time, the largest tech companies in the world have implemented this paradigm.

A mix of both. Mokus team has created software platforms and statistical models that are a result of a decade of hard work and experiments in the domain of growth software. We have as well tested and identified the most established and recognised online technology in the world. All clients of Mokus will benefit from this technology.

Over decades working on digital products, the Mokus team, has discovered the key enablers of agility and the key elements of beautiful experiences that grow businesses. Today, online businesses and startups in the emerging markets struggle to deliver agility due to resources and funding constraints. This is why team Mokus decided to build platforms and services that fuel the growth of any business for the digital economy.

Have a question? We're here to help. Email hello@mokus.io

Have a question? We're here to help. Email hello@mokus.io