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Experience Personalisation

Through technology you can go beyond optimising your products, you can go as far as personalising your delivery. Sending emails to David when he's most likely to open them and to Samer when he's most likely to read them is what we call email delivery personalisation. Furthermore, follow up with your customer as they abandon the shopping cart, prompt them products they are likely to be interested in based on their buying history. Companies who have implemented this kind of automation has proven to beat their competitors in their revenue growth. The possibilities of how you implement personalisation are infinite, you may deliver any kind of content and any kind of surveys or experiences based on historical usage patterns of your visitors. Mokus helps you track and analyse your customer's behavior and automatically optimise the experience delivered to each user.

Personlise your customer's experience

Unmatched growth speed

What personalised experiences help you achieve is accelerated growth, because normally what you would do is listen to your user feedback and take the most repeated trends and optimise your services to fit 60% or 70% of your customers expectations, optimising your services however takes a lot of efforts and time and yet it limits your conversion improvement to the scope of the trend. With automated personalisation, your product optimises itself to every single user. Imagine the growth this can deliver!

Scientific Approach

Personalisation can go wrong, if not approached scientifically. Mokus data scientists have developed a highly sophisticated statistical model to ensure your product optimisation is precise and correctly understand your customer's expectations.

Measurable Results

We will provide you with a 360 view monitor to show you how our algorithms are optimising delivery and how you are benefiting from them with the ability for you to interfere at any given point of time.

Who else is doing this?

Facebook, Google, Amazon and the big tech companies, because they can afford AI. Now Mokus enable you regardless to your business size to have access to such sophisticated growth enablers.

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