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Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Every delivery channel your customers are interacting with holds tremendous amounts of valuable data to your business even if you hadn't intentionally recorded it. Harvard Business Review published in 2006 a number of articles on Analytics Competitors, referring to businesses who use this populated data to uncover opportunities that enable them to innovate in their product and their business. Today every business leader in the world without an exception considers analytics to be a backbone to the business.

Tapping into your customer's data is a practice that suits your business as soon as you've had a live interactive product, it fits small and large businesses.

At Mokus we help you pull the data from all the delivery channels, whether that's your website, mobile app, customer support center, surveys and others and we assist you discover opportunities lying within them.

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Data Science Roundup

Life in NYC from Pickup to Drop Off

Analyzing 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips, with a Vengeance | Todd W. Schneider

Todd Schneider published a comprehensive deep dive into a historical dataset released by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission covering over 1.1 billion individual taxi trips in the city from January 2009 through June 2015.

The Shrinking Bull's-Eye

"Shrinking bull's-eye" algorithm speeds up complex modeling from days to hours | MIT News

Jennifer Chu reports on a new algorithm developed by MIT researchers that significantly reduces the computation involved when working with complex computational models.

A Trivial Invention

The Discovery of Statistical Regression | Priceonomics

Dan Kopf of Priceonomics tells the story of the discovery of statistical regression, which became "one of the most famous priority disputes in the history of science" between two legendary mathematicians, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Adrien-Marie Legendre.

Plotly.js's Graphing Library Goes Open-Source

Plotly.js Open-Source Announcement | Plotly.js

Plotly announced that they have "open-sourced plotly.js, the core technology and JavaScript graphing library behind Plotly's products."

Pinterest Introduces Visual Search

Introducing a new way to visually search on Pinterest | Pinterest Engineering

Pinterest rolled out a "visual search tool that lets you zoom in on a specific object in a Pin's image and discover visually similar objects, colors, patterns and more."

Bayesian Reasoning and Deep Learning

Memory-based Bayesian reasoning and deep learning | Google DeepMind

Shakir Mohamed, Research Scientist in Statistical Machine Learning at Google, shares slides from his recent talk exploring the convergence of deep learning and Bayesian inference.

Politics and the New Machine

What the turn from polls to data science means for democracy | The New Yorker

Jill Lepore reports on the history of polling in American politics, and how data science is playing a role in addressing the fact that polling "has never been less reliable or more influential than it is now."

Machine Learning at Quora

Machine Learning at Quora | LinkedIn

Xavier Amatriain, VP of Engineering at Quora, shares his team's approach to the machine learning challenges they face in attempting to "share and grow the world's knowledge" through their question and answer paradigm.

The Future of AI is Data

Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow Shows AI's Future is Data | Wired

Cade Metz follows up on Google's announcement last week of open-sourcing their machine learning system, TensorFlow, by talking with Lukas Biewald, founder of CrowdFlower.

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