Mokus pays its farewells and tributes

In January 2018, Mokus ceased operations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I established it in March 2015. I started Mokus to help the thriving ICT ecosystem in the MENA region access managed software teams on-demand, as software engineering talent development was at its early evolution.

The decision to cease operations was not made lightly; even though Mokus achieved auspicious financial performance in its early stage, the uncertainty in growth opportunity locally made it very difficult to maintain the growth rate.

During 2018 we explored the viability of continuing operations from the North American sphere to service both regions (MENA and North America). We found that in North America, the need for on-demand software teams is quite visible. Yet, the competition is fierce and would require significant capital investment to fuel reestablishment and re-gearing to match market sophistication. The capital requirement did not justify the cause, and so we decided to shut down Mokus completely.

Mokus has embraced all sorts of diversity, attracting talent, engineers and creative minds from over 30 different locations in the world, contributing to its success and existence.

I am grateful to the contributors who made Mokus possible and enabled us the fast growth we experienced. I thank technology partners, mentors, clients and staff for their support along the way, you've made Mokus a rewarding journey filled with learnings and valuable, long-lasting connections.

Thank you all,

Rima Al Shikh
CEO & Founder