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Mokus offers a comprehensive suite of services covering every business needs, both wide and deep

Design & Development

Our team of designers and developers can assure you a device agnostic, top standards online presence.

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Customer Analytics

Identify new revenue streams by measuring and understanding user behavior across multiple channels.

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Experience Personalisation

Deliver amazing digital experiences by automatically customizing digital touch points for user's aspirations.

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User Surveying

Deliver surveys to the right targets within the correct context, whilst ensuring a fun and intuitive user experience

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Just Coding

Immediately and seamlessly expand your team by hiring our versatile engineers to crack the codes for you.

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Infrastructure Management

Build and scale your setup to host millions of daily user visits with guaranteed uptime.

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Businesses big & small

Whether this is your first time online or you're a seasoned player, we've got solutions for you!

Build your MVP

Just starting up your online business? We will take you to market fast with a robust and beautiful product.

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Product team as a service

Deploy agility. Hire a full-force product team on an hourly, daily or monthly basis, and scale them as your business requires.

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Lead generation

Convert your visitors into loyal customers. We'll help you by designing a best practices lead generation website.

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Marketing Automation

Deliver a custom journey to every user based on their interaction with your product.

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Tech Jetpack

Find out how technology can reduce your operations cost, increase your sales and open up entirely new possibilities.

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Customer Research

Know your users through intuitive and engaging surveys, implementing proven techniques in behavioral economics.

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Building brands with brilliance

Mokus is a service agency by technology labs which started in Dubai and expanded to acquire technologists and creatives from around the world. A house full of curiosity and energy, Mokus is a team which strives to build brilliant experiences and challenge the norm.

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